After we had finished at the Shady Oaks festival we visited the Bray Baptist Church which was located near the campground. While we were there we played and sang some worship songs. My dad also gave a brief teaching on Psalm 23 (much shorter that the hour long talk he gave at church in Juneau before we left town.) Following the service we went to the Golden Corral for lunch with some people from the congregation. I am thinking that we had big neon signs floating above us that said “Alaskans” on them because by the time we left about half of the people in the restaurant knew that we were from Alaska. While we were at the restaurant we found that the owners of the Shady Oaks campground were there eating lunch along with about half a dozen other random people that we recognized from the bluegrass festival we had just attended. At the Queener’s we played several rounds of pool and the neighbors invited us to swim in their outdoor pool. There were several big spiders crawling around…Laura didn’t agree with that. Laura, Abby and I caught two lizards which we found under some rocks. Laura also found her husband under a rock. His name was Charles. He was still in the form of a frog so she wouldn’t kiss him. Her prince Charles ditched her and ran away with a toad. But before he ran away Laura took him to see our mom, Melissa, who was in the middle of a nap. She woke up, saw Charles and made a few noises that sounded like something you would hear in Star Treck. The generator in our bus blew up before we left the Queener‘s. That night after dinner Abby and I went four wheeling with two other kids for a while. When we returned to the Queener’s house we found a scorpion crawling across the floor.
We went to bed and everything was fine until about two in the morning. I was woken up by Laura who was out of her bed standing next to mine. She then told me to go get in bed. I was somewhat asleep so I said no. This went on for about four minutes until I rolled over and went back to sleep. I woke up later to see Laura peering out of my window curtains looking for something. Then I dozed off again; when I woke up once more she was slowly making her way out of my room. She would take a step, inspect the ground in front of her, take another step, look again and then take another step. I finally went to sleep and I wasn’t woken up by her again that night. The next day we found out that it was because of spider and scorpion phobia that Laura had been lurking about in the middle of the night.

That next day we spent at a bus shop having the generator torn out of our bus. When we did get out we picked up my mom who had spent the time shopping. It was a very successful trip; she got chocolate. We spent that night back at the Shady Oaks Campground again. The next day we went to a high school that Mr. Queener worked at and played for the students. They really loved the pictures of Alaska. That’s