Some of you who follow the Alaska String Band know that Laura brings many talents to our performance however you might enjoy a peek at one of Laura’s newly developing skills.  On Christmas holiday at home in Juneau, Alaska, Laura and her artistic companion Liesel co-produced their first silent film which includes rising stars Zildgen Guy Unzicker and David Deats, both residents of Juneau, Alaska.  While out on one of their many shopping sprees, Liesel and Laura, Guy and David stopped in at Walmart in search of a coffee maker.  A detour through the deli produced a container of popcorn chicken.  With an hour or more to kill before arriving at the Glacier Cinema to view the just released Les Miserables starring Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway, they drove aimlessly around the Mendenhall Valley.   Conversation covered topics ranging from an antiquated horse barn on the wetlands to the Mayan calendar and America’s current speculation on the end of the world.  Guy proposed that they seize the moment and film a silent motion picture, to which Liesel chimed in, “It should be about the end of the world.”  Laura determined that Guy would make a terrific zombie who became infected by eating Walmart popcorn chicken.  Pulling into a vacant parking lot Laura retrieved her iPhone for filming and the four hastily sketched a movie plot in which Guy turned zombie, Liesel and Laura became prey and David saved the day.   They made short work of the film, creating the story as the scene unfolded.  The final escape was to be by helicopter, but none could be found.  Making use of a generator which stood helpfully though non-photogenically by the side of the road, they scurried to the top and succumbed to the north wind who’s frigid gusts provided the perfect sensation of movement as they flew to safety narrowly escaping an enraged zombie below. Les Mis was beyond amazing (so be certain to attend this while it is showing on the big screen) and they gathered with friends after the show. Across the table at McDonalds, good friend Laci was offered a sneak peek of Liesel and Laura’s silent film to which Laci jokingly remarked, “I laughed, I cried. It was better than Les Mis!” Thus the silent movie came to be known by it’s title, Better Than Les Mis. Don’t miss this thrilling film now showing right here on our blog!