DSC_0122Mountain hikes, bonfires, trampoline tricks, camping, fishing, Independence Day, sunsets, music on Mt. Roberts…..summer was full.  We provided the Southeast Alaskan Odyssey Show in the Chilkat Theater on top of Mount Roberts from early May through late September.  Meeting folks from all over the world is both enjoyable and fascinating.  New kuspuks and designer rain boots were lots of fun to wear.  The rain boots came in especially handy as it rained most days.  Several weddings and receptions kept our music going on weekends.  And at the request of first lady, Sandy Parnell, we had the pleasure of providing music entertainment for the Centennial anniversary celebration of the Alaska Governor’s House.  Locals simply call it the Governor’s Mansion.  The reception was held outdoors on the lovely postage stamp grounds and the sun came out to celebrate.  Follow this link to read the Capital City Weekly story and view pictures of the days festivities. http://www.capitalcityweekly.com/stories/072512/new_1022507718.shtmlIMG_0049Local native Tlingit dancers and a crab buffet were offered one day while we were playing music for the Mt. Roberts Tramway.  IMG_1483IMG_1485Globe flowers and apple blossoms decorate the yard in June.globe flowers and barnDSC_0008Laura hiked most every mountain around.  IMG_1470DSCF0564IMG_1469And visited with salty fishermen on the docks.IMG_1149Granite Creek Basin is a wonderful day hike that takes off from downtown Juneau.DSC_0063Remains of an avalanche still covered parts of the trail.  Black bear are often encountered on the trails.  They love the berries which are plentiful.  Later in August they frequent beaches and streams eating fish.  DSC_0093Quinn filmed a movie and the kids tried out various costumes.Robinhood QuinnDSC_0145DSC_0168On the fourth of July we rode our bikes the eight miles to town for the days festivities.  Getting around is much faster and easier on a bike than in a car.  Fireworks explode at midnight on the third of July (and are postponed till midnight on the fourth in case of rain).  Midnight, because it doesn’t really get totally dark, just dusk.  Fireworks are launched from a boat in the middle of Gastineau Chanel which runs between downtown Juneau and Douglas Island.  The cascading light show makes a stunning reflection on the midnight water and the surrounding mountains magnify the canon boom.  Juneau has a parade which circles through town then over the bridge to Douglas Island where we live.  In Douglas, the historic Treadwell mining town dating back to the late 1800’s, music fills the main street and towns people join the street dance, firemen’s water fight, sand castle competition, three legged races, dog frisby contests, jousting competitions and loads of other activities.  409695_220946024694682_1391625174_n553983_220946371361314_1306136819_n553726_220946394694645_1359350291_n391391_220946411361310_1234568913_n528319_220946151361336_716874706_n425464_220946874694597_487689999_n318891_220946574694627_1236021898_n208961_220945821361369_1146459260_n544987_220945564694728_1076127696_nOur home affords a view of Nine Mile Creek, wetland preserve and the Chilkat mountain range in the distance.  The ebb and flow of a twenty foot tide transforms the wetland grass to deep salt water bay twice each day.  DSC_0259A closer view of Nine Mile Creek and the wetlands.Nine mile creek summerCedar dog will play for hours along the creek.DSC_0386DSC_0388One day we visited the North Douglas boat launch in search of eagles.DSC_0154DSC_0418Sucess!young-eagle-at-north-douglas-boat-launch.jpgThe deer were also down by the water line.  They come down in the spring and early summer looking for food, making their way back up to the alpine as summer progresses following the new growth of vegetation as the snow melts.  DSC_0078When weather permits a day on the water and a short spin in the boat to a nearby island is great fun.  We usually load up with several extra kids and make a day of it.  Water skiing, a bonfire on the beach, a good book, fishing poles, a couple of kayaks, water color paints, s’mores and sunshine make for a most satisfying outing.  DSCF0419DSCF0363DSCF0301IMG_6595DSC_0133DSC_0059A trampoline is a kid magnet.  These sunset silhouette photos that Quinn took are pretty cool.  trampoline at sunset copyaron and jacob karate chop on trampolinetrampoline playtrampoline at sunsetchilkats at sunsetbonfireLightly scented ever blooming roses climb a wall next to the front porch swing.DSC_0123