Remember all those apples that didn’t get used for apple sauce?

Well if you don’t, head back two blog posts and read up on those fun times!

When Emily’s younger brother Henry found out apples were being unused, he came over to help make some pies. Henry is a very good cook, and he and Emily had often made dinner together for their family (although, according to her little sister Valerie, since she no longer shares the same last name they are no longer family).

The first step for pies of course is: getting the apples. Don’t worry, Emily made sure the boys didn’t play with swords this time. 





There were still plenty of apples on the trees, even after all the ones used for apple sauce. 




Henry and Emily got the peelers out and started the long process of peeling, while Quinn chopped and measured. We wanted to make four pies to share with Emily’s side of the family at an open-house that was scheduled for the next day. Six cups of apples per pie. It was a lot of apples.





Apple peels have a hard time going into bowls, as you can see. The counter was in dire need of cleaning by the end of the peeling process. The floor needed cleaning as well…

Henry worked so hard that he cut himself! But don’t worry, a Hello Kitty bandaid made it all better:



Once a fair amount of apples had been peeled, cut, and measured, Emily made the yummy pie filling.



Each person got to decorate a pie, which of course was the best part. Here are Quinn and Henry’s finished pies (with Quinn’s on the left, and Henry’s on the right):



And here is Emily’s before it got put in the oven:

Sunday, after church, Quinn and Emily invited all of Emily’s side of the family over for an open-house to show off their new home. The pies got five stars from everyone, and the house did too. 

It was a terribly rainy and windy day in Juneau, so everyone stayed inside while Emily showed off her mandolin playing to her out-of-town family. It was nice to have everyone over, even if the seating arrangements were few!




“The Barn” as it is so aptly named

had large enough spiders to warrant some fame.

But after some cleaning, some scrubbing, and more,

and after repainting the walls and the door.

And after packing all of Emily’s clothes,

and all of Quinn’s hats (for he still needed those!).

After hanging up pictures on all of the walls,

and planning a balcony (a project of Paul’s).

After going garage saleing for trunks and for chairs,

and after Cedar had chased away all the bears.

Its so nice to know that wherever we roam,

we have our own place, our own little home.