Although Spring and Summer are coming to an end, that doesn’t mean the garden is finished!


Paul has spent a lot of time in the garden this year, and he has a lot to show for it.

Quinn’s favorite part of the garden? The peas!


The sweet peas grow in a huge clump at the front of the garden, right inside the gate. Easy for Quinn to sneak in and get to. 




Even Cedar liked the peas!


Paul had lovely rutabagas, yellow zucchini, and even corn growing throughout the small patch of garden:






Too be honest, its a miracle the corn is even growing at all. Paul and Melissa kept the whole family entertained by bickering over where to plant the corn (if to plant it at all). It ended with corn seeds being strewn throughout Melissa’s flower beds, which she promptly dug up. 


Paul was most excited about the cucumbers that were growing slowly. Including one large one in particular(which he plans to eat soon)!



That evening he pulled up carrots and beats for dinner, while Emily and Quinn took some of the fresh broccoli for their dinner.







My life is like a garden in the Lord’s loving care.

He helps me prune and water it, and wait for the fruit it will bear.

But sometimes I think I know what’s best, sometimes I take control.

And things may be alright, for a while, but I wont have peace in my soul.

Plants will start to wither and die, my garden will become sick.

For by myself my garden wont grow, without Him there wont be fruit to pick.

So finally I’ll cry to Him and He’ll come back once more.

And He’ll help me through whatever comes, in my garden, forevermore. 


That evening the sun came out, what seems to be an even rarer occurrence as we near Fall. But practice called! There wasn’t time to go play out in the sun. Or…was there?

Well, not the playing we were hoping for.


Paul is obviously looking away from the lovely view to better pay attention to his mandolin playing.


Abby was very happy to be out in the warm sunshine!


Quinn, however, didn’t stay outside too long because of the bugs.


Emily was having fun practicing the newest instrument in the group, the balalaika, a russian instrument. 

Hopefully the sun will come back soon so we can play (but not practice) out in the sunshine!