Our good family friend Rebecca Friedlander came up to Juneau several weeks ago and we had a wonderful time with her! We hadn’t seen her since last summer, when she came up to help us produce our new Southeast Alaskan Odyssey show. While she was here, she got busy using her many talents, including doing a wedding shoot with Quinn and Emily (with a wedding dress found at a second-hand store for $15!). 




The morning Rebecca took Quinn and Emily out was absolutely lovely. And the $15 dress fit Emily perfectly!



The funny thing is, the dress also fit Abigail perfectly! And because of Rebecca’s vast imagination, other beautiful things were afoot! 


Rebecca and Abigail together created a story to go with one of Rebecca’s songs, entitled “Mirror”. Laura, Emily and Quinn all helped with the filming and thinking through of the music video story, and had lots of fun doing it!

Quinn risked his life in tossing dirt on to Abby in one of the scenes, and also in filming from the top of an old mining ruin:


Do you spy the wild Quinn?


Abigail has grown strong from carrying her heavy banjo case everywhere, but that didn’t prepare her for carrying around chains from Paul’s excavator!



And Melissa wasn’t prepared for how Abby would look after a darker make-over(Abby has promised to not make this her go-to look):



And knowing Rebecca, we couldn’t film the video without getting a bit (or very) wet!

Abby was the first to get wet in the freezing glacier melt off of Gold Creek:


Laura looked on in apprehensive anticipation. Why you ask? Because she was next!

You can tell by these faces that, though the water was Aruba blue, it wasn’t warm at all!


The first day of the filming of the video was beautifully sunny! Unfortunately, the weather following that lovely day wasn’t nearly as nice. But filming continues in any weather (even if it meant Abby’s pretty curls didn’t last very long)!




The finished video turned out simply amazing, and is a real testament into the love and forgiveness God give us. If you would like to see the music video, click on over to this link here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sLJSlcRESA

We hope you enjoy this story of God’s unfailing grace in our lives. We had such a wonderful time with Rebecca, and we can’t wait to see her again soon!