The band has been practicing a lot lately in preparation for shows this coming fall and winter, and our practices have gotten very, very exciting…

For one thing, Cedar has been joining in:


Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to teach her the mandolin or the dobro. But we’ll make sure she keeps practicing.

 We’ve also had some disputes over who will play the tambourine…as this poem by Emily says:



We had just finished at the tram, our work day was done,

It was now time for dinner, and maybe some fun!

But we realized instantly that things were not fine,

Dinner must wait, it was now practice time. 


For our music must be perfect, we must have it down pat!

So down in the living room everyone sat.

And we had a whole list of things to go through,

New songs to learn and old songs to do too.


Everything was fine, till Quinn loudly cried out,

“I want the tambourine!” he said with a shout.

But Laura would not share it, she loved it too much,

and so Quinn tried to pry it out of her clutch!


And he almost succeeded, yes she almost let go.

But it slipped and went flying while Quinn yelled out “NOOOOO!”

It landed on Melissa, who was drinking some tea

which spilled over Paul, who yelled as though stung by a bee.

Abby was laughing, till Paul hit her head

with a drumstick (on accident, at least, that’s what he said).

Emily just stood there, looking quite shocked.

It was pretty obvious this practice had flopped.

But don’t worry dear reader, for I can guarantee

We will practice again, tomorrow at three!


Thankfully, such an adventurous incident hasn’t occurred yet, but we’ll let you know if it does!