Today marked the first day in our last week of shows up at the tram. Next week the tourists will be off for good until next summer, and we wont get to ride a tram car with an amazing view to work each day.

We have had a very busy summer up at the tram, and we’ve met a lot of wonderful people! Hopefully we will get to see some of those very people in our next tour (Southern states, here we come!). 

But until the sunny Southern coastline calls us away from our wintry city, we’ll be here!


The show is here, its time to start!

Instruments in hand, around we’ll dart.


Abby tunes her banjo strings,

Emily smiles and starts to sing.


Paul will laugh and start the show,


while Melissa tightens up her bow.


Quinn will start to pluck and slap,


and Laura will make the audience clap!


And after all the shows are done,

we’ll all go home and have some fun!

Of course, we have practice too…

but there are plenty of other things to do!


To finish off our summer season, we will be performing on the MS Amsterdam for eight days. Too prepare for this we have been doing a lot of practicing! We’ve even found time to practice between shows up at the tram:




Although, some people were more productive than others…