We made several stops along the way to our port of call, Seattle. But we were all often busy with practice (or being sick that first and second day), so not everyone was able to go ashore in some places.

Ketchikan was one of our first stops, and it seemed just like Juneau!


Though Emily stated it was because the same tourist jewelry stores in downtown Juneau, seemed to also be in downtown Ketchikan.

But it really was a lovely place, and the weather even cooperated while we were there!

After that the weather seemed to get better and better, warranting nap times in bedroom windows:

Our next stop was Victoria BC! We pulled into port very late in the day, around 7:00pm, so we didn’t get to do all that we had wanted to do there. But the city was lovely by night!


The lovely Empress Hotel was lit up grandly, as were the parliament buildings, turning the night into what seemed like an early Christmas festival.



When we finally pulled into Seattle, the weather had changed drastically from the cold autumn temperatures we had left in Juneau.

The sun shone brightly, the sky was blue, and it got up to 80 degrees!


The ship docked and passengers left, making room for the next wave of people to board for a new cruise. The process would take the whole day, so Quinn, Emily and Melissa decided to walk into the city to their favorite place in Seattle: Pike’s Place Market.

The walk to the famous market was a bit over three miles, but they all agreed it was well worth the trip!


It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, so the market was packed with people. Smells of everything yummy and beautiful mulled through the hallways packed with stalls.


Flowers were everywhere. Emily could have filled the entire camera with pictures of them!




But the beauty didn’t stop there. Fruits and vegetables of all types (some we didn’t even know!) were on display, making all onlookers feel hungry.





The small stalls of the market held everything from pasta to peppers! And the freshest fish and other seafood you could get in the city:



Although we wanted to try almost every delicious thing we saw, we went away from the market with a carton of raspberries, apples, and some nectarines. They may have been gone before we reached the ship…

But before we left, Quinn insisted on getting a picture with this pretty gold pig, and Emily got a big bag of sweet smelling lavender, for future craft projects back home.


And before we really wanted to, it was time to head back to the ship. Those three miles went a lot quicker on the way back though…



By the time we got back to the ship, we were ready to cool off. We weren’t used to 80 degree temperatures, but we were sure happy for them!

The outdoor pool probably doesn’t see much action on Alaska cruises, but we were excited to test it out while in the sunny climate of Seattle:


And all too soon it was time to leave Seattle as well.

Goodbye, Seattle! We shall see you again soon!



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