Fresh snow appeared on the mountains earlier this week! With the weather growing colder and colder with each passing day, Quinn and Emily decided to do what any sane person would do. Go swimming!


Well, that is…get waist deep in the cold Alaskan ocean. But you know what we mean!


The sunshine helped make it feel warmer then the actual 38F degree weather.

But not by much…

DSC_0849    DSC_0845

Cedar, however, did not seemed fazed at all by the sudden chill. In fact, she spent much of her time running after fish.


She does this quite often when we take walks down on the ocean flats outside our home, but this time was different. Yes, this time she caught something.


A poor little flounder. She didn’t even try to eat it! Just left it on the beach to die. Quinn was very distraught and put the poor fish back into the sea, but we both knew it was too late.


But Cedar did not stop there. She caught two more fish! The third time around she was smart enough to realize that Quinn was not happy with her. But this only caused her to take the fish farther from the beach, as if to hide it.





You cannot hide your evil deeds from us, Cedar!

When we left her to go back up to the house, she followed shortly after us, carrying a newly caught flounder in her mouth (which she took all the way up to the front yard).



That is the face of a dog who is not ashamed of her actions. 

Meanwhile, Paul was very excited! His corn plants had finally born fruit…or vegetable?



Corn was on our plates that evening and, though they were small, they sure were tasty!

A few days later, even more snow had fallen on the mountains, warranting a hike up Eagle Crest (Laura, Quinn and Abby are all vey excited, and practically counting down the days until the ski area will be open!).


The views were breathtaking, as they always are (especially when Emily is so out of shape, phew!), and the snow seemed closer then ever.


Cedar (the fish killer) came along as well, and waited patiently for tired out Emily.


Soon, (much to Quinn’s delight) this entire autumn view will be white with snow. But until then we treasure hikes in hiking boots, and not snow shoes.