The sun shone so brightly yesterday, that a few of us decided to go for a walk as the sun set (much earlier then usual I might add, since winter is almost upon us!).

Quinn has gotten a new toy to play with: a special helicopter that allows him to film from great heights! In the sunny weather, he took it out for a spin over the beach.




Meanwhile, the girls went off for a walk among the towering trees.



But the sunshine felt so warm in the chilly fall weather, that we found ourselves spending most of our time sitting in a particularly sunny patch.

DSC_0301 DSC_0306

Abby even found a swing on our little walk (and made good use of it!):

DSC_0294 DSC_0296

Upon walking back to find Quinn, Abby remarked on the lovely day, and even lovelier scenery, “I think God meant us to be out in nature.” Emily quite agreed with her, and was inspired to write the following poem:

We are meant to be in nature

among the trees and on the sea.

We were meant to climb the mountains

and rejoice in their great beauty.

For this wild Alaskan frontier

sings a song that’s all its own.

It sings the praises of a Creator

that this whole world has known.

We can see His hand and signature

in every leaf and flower.

When we marvel at the stars above,

we marvel at His power.

So lets sing along with nature,

though we may not know each rhyme,

about our Loving Farther.

And another mountain we’ll climb.