The cottonwood trees are changing from green to vibrant yellow here in Juneau, and the once bright days and nights are growing darker and darker. Temperatures are dropping back into the colder reaches, and any day now we expect to see snow grace the tops of the highest mountains.

But this marks the beginning of our favorite time of year! The snow hasn’t come yet, so we are all in a rush to enjoy the last handful of sunny days and snow free yards and trails.



Sunday walks to Mendenhall Lake for a peak at the glacier left us feeling like we had walked into a postcard:


Trees everywhere flaunted their new colors and dried leaves crunched under out feet.

Fall is definitely here!


Quinn has been spending his fall outside as much as he can (even though the summer bugs are still buzzing around). He’s been reading Emily some of his favorite books, The Harry Potter series, and because of this he was inspired to build his own Quidditch broom (after drawing the school Hogwarts on the front walk):

Quinn 2




Abigail has been busy with her camera. This week she took Rebecca Maxwell (one of Emily’s flowergirls from her wedding) and made her into an Autumn angel!

Becca 3

Becca 2

Emily helped by making her a flower crown and lending Becca her harp for the pictures. Quinn also helped by risking life and limb to hang a swing for the photo shoot!

Becca 4

Becca 1

But don’t worry, the swing has been put to good use!



And the view from it of the blue sky was something we just had to capture for you:


Laura has been busy making some of the most delicious pies we have ever tasted! We think she may be trying to get onto Emily’s good side, as she’s making her favorite: pumpkin! (Emily has it for her birthday each year instead of cake!)






The days are now crisp, the nights are cold.

Time for mittens and scarves and hands to hold.

The mountains will soon be white with snow,

but that wont be till the birds all go. . .


And so with holidays drawing near,

the household has gotten into gear!

The leaves are changing, it’s time for fall,

so with red and orange we’ll deck the hall.


And while rain and leaves fall from the sky,

Laura will make some pumpkin pie.

So we’ll be thankful for this season,

though to eat pumpkin pie, you never need a reason!