We had a wonderful time on the ship, and it was nice to have a break from our lives at home.

Abby’s favorite part of the cruise was dancing, even though Emily has stolen her partner away. She danced with Paul almost every night (and looked very fine while doing it)!


She even took some shots of Emily and Quinn, after they went dancing one night:



Emily’s favorite part of the cruise were the teas that were held! The tiny tables were set so prettily,


and quickly filled up with scrumptious things to eat and drink!


Quinn’s most favorite parts were of course the pools, where he spent a good deal of time:

(It was most fun in rough water, when waves formed inside the pool as well!)

He also loved the food served on board (the sushi and dessert most), and I’m sure everyone else would also agree with him.



But his favorite meal was breakfast!


Our last shows on the ship went really well (with not a single person being sick!), and before we knew it the week was up and it was time to come home.

Quinn was excited to sleep in his own bed once again though…


As hard as getting on the ship with all of our gear had been, getting off was even harder. Especially when you had a stream of tourists to go through:


Although we didn’t stay in Kodiak very long, it enchanted us with its ocean views and sunshine. We had pulled in at dawn, and the morning sun had shone pink and purple in the sky (though that didn’t make it any easier to get up early and pack):


Goodbye Amsterdam! We’ll see you next summer!


The flights from Kodiak were simply stunning in cool autumn sunshine, and were made more exciting and adventurous in the tiny plane we rode in:




Of course, Juneau was wet and rainy when we flew in. But this small city is home to us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Well…most of the time…